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About us



 Founder and CEO Belinda Shaw, Sydney Australia 2013


Reel Focus is a global platform dedicated to artists of all genres including sports, fashion and charities. It is a place where anyone involved in the entertainment industry can come to connect, discover and share.

We are focused on cutting edge, innovative concepts aimed at driving the platforms promotional efforts and to assist with the artist career development through mentoring and guidance by our VIP industry professional.


Profiling and Showcasing


Live Chat

Live Events


Performer and Juniors ( under the age of 18) - allows artists to showcase their talent to global audience. Artists in the following genres are invited to upload their profiles. We also have a Young Talent section for artists under the age of 21. Please see our terms and conditions section for profiling requirements 

Music - singers, bands, deejays

Dance, All category from Classical to Hip Hop and Burlesque

Film - actors, film makers

Writing - Authors, Poetry, Screen Writers

Journalists, Presenters, Interviewer, MC

Fashion - Models, Designers

Art - Painters, Sculptors

Comedians and Stand Up

Acting both film and theatre


VIP - by invitation only
We have dedicated VIP section for established industry professionals, celebrities, casting agents,
management companies and the media.

Reelfocus Mission

ReelFocus Mission is the charitable arm of ReelFocus. It is a not-for-profit, public benevolent foundation, registered in Australia (ABN 82476210361). 

ReelFocus champions artistic expression as essential to civilisation. The greatness of a community is reflected in the vibrancy and brilliance of its artistic expression - its tribute to Beauty.

ReelFocus Mission is about holding up and celebrating marginalised artists. Who are these marginalised that our donors feel called to uplift?

* Underprivileged artists of all kinds, living in remote rural, Third World or indigenous communities who are too poor to own a device, let alone upload a profile to a platform.

* Refugees, asylum seekers and the persecuted whose creative expression is a cry for justice and humanity.

* Prisoners who strive and can be taught to strive for rehabilitation and reconciliation through employing artistic media and processes. Imagine the difference a culture of music and performance, of painting and poetry, of comedy and the like can make in our prison systems.

* People, young and old with recognised disabilities and other challenges, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. It is a grave omission to overlook the artistic dimension of their lives.

* Victims of abuse or a lifestyle of bad habits - many people you might know.

For them, art can be a therapy and a journey towards wholeness. 


Reelfocus Apps for IPhone and Android can be downloaded from iTunes and Google Play stores



Reelfocus offers banner, leaderboard and pre role advertising
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