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Reelfocus is an uncensored platform but any content that is abusive, pornographic,
discriminative and offensive will be removed and those who harass will be permanently banned.

Profilers must conduct themselves in a respectable manner and any ADULT content
not suitable for minors must contain notification informing the viewer that the
contents is only suitable for MATURED AUDIENCE



In order for your profile to be published and made visable on Reelfocus you must meet the following basic requirements

1. Profile picture must be a high resolution image of the profiler. Logos or other images will not be accepted 

2. Person real name must be provided at registration even though a stage name can be used on your profile

3. A bio or CV 

4. Talent category should be selected

5. Information on your profile must be real and updated 

We recomend you link your social media pages and websites. Also upload as much video and other media material that is related to your work so you have a profile rich in content 

At reelfocus we have created the inviroment for you to achieve your work goals and we are also there to assist you in achieving those goals.

We believe that those who put the most into there profiles  will ultimately benefit the most

Any profiles found to be fabricated and not authentic will be removed immediately