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Reelfocus is a specialized platform aimed at showcasing performers. It also showcases art fashion and sports-related industry students and professionals. Reelfocus guarantees visibility in an environment that is constantly monitored by the industry heavyweights who provide job opportunities. We aim to help our profilers transition from student to working professional in a nurturing and supportive environment that develops and showcases powerful, effective profiles on their behalf. Reelfocus is also committed to ensuring a consistent flow of work for established performers.The Reelfocus platform provides networking opportunities, specific to the entertainment industry, for each and every profiler. It offers opportunities to :

* access bio and profile development services
* collaborate on special projects
* enter competitions
* win career-changing prizes
* fast-track career advancement
* gain professional management and contract negotiation support

* access front-of-the queue pitching to our film makers
If you identify with one of the categories below, Reelfocus can profile you :





film makers



camera men


sound techs

lighting techs
Special Effects Techs

stage managers

set designers

wardrobe and fashion stylists
makeup artists
journalists public speakers

fashion designers
Casting Agents



The Reel Focus Fashion Competition is a fashion design competition open to both concept stage and completed works designed by professional and young fashion designers, tailors and stylists anywhere in the world.

The Competition is recognised worldwide and takes the attention of the global buying public. Winning the Reel Focus Competition will be an extremely important milestone in your career. Every participant (there are no losers) will gain worldwide exposure and the opportunity to build a solid and loyal fan base on a global basis.

The Competition is judged solely by a worldwide audience which allows the participants to gauge the quality/popularity of their work seen through the eyes of the buying public.  

To participate in the Reel Focus Fashion Competition, applicant must register online. The registration fee is USD10 per entry.

(1) The winner's garment will be worn at a Red Carpet Event by our Reel Focus Ambassadors and an editorial in an Iconic Fashion magazine.
(2) The winning Garment will be auctioned at a Gala event for The Wheels Around The World charity. This will give further media exposure to the winning designer.
(4) Every participant will gain worldwide exposure.
(4) Every participant will have the opportunity of selling their labels on the Reel Focus platform.
(5) One dollar of every garment sold will be donated to VEGB "Visage des Enfants de la Guinée-Bissau" est une Organisation (Unicef)

Criteria for Entry:
(1) Create a quality, well finished Couture garment for evening or Gala Event that can retail at USD500.00.
(2) One garment must be completed but a collection needs to be presented if the designer can't complete a full collection in actual sample garments the rest must be represented in draft or drawing form and details of fabrics and finishes explained by the designer
(3) A story about yourself (bio) i.e your background, your qualifications, your aspirations

Competition commences on the 26th January 2015. Deadline for all entries is 26th April 2015.

Please go to www.reelfocus.com for full competition details.

Inquiry: info@reelfocus.com