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Austin casting call

1) "Gabe's Last Try"

2) 5-minute short

3) Unsure of who he can trust and nervous about his new found fortune in
the NFL, Gabriel makes one last attempt to convince his long time
girlfriend Gloria that they belong together. All this despite the fact
that she has secured her dream job with the biggest tech company in the
world and doesn't want to get married.

Linda Bradshaw

I’m desperately looking for an actress to play the part of Ms Armstrong in The Lakeway Players play, running in November. I was going to do it, but just got word that the feature film I’m in, Nana’s Secret Recipe, is going to show in Georgetown on November 7th, opening night of the play. Can someone please step up for this part? I understand that you won’t be needed for every rehearsal & it’s not a huge part. Thanks so much for letting me know, or contact the director, Kathryn, info below. This is a non paid role