Mohawk Austin with Tough On Fridays

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Saturday, November 30, 2019 - 13:15
Austin, TX 78701
United States
12 USD

Presented by Mohawk

When you look back in history, the bands with the most passion and realism within their music and vocals are the ones whose songs became engraved in your brain. Tough On Fridays is that type of band today.

Tough On Fridays is an Alternative Rock band from Texas that holds everything that defines female – they are adaptable, brave, strong, and TOUGH.  The band consists of Caleigh (guitar), Kelly (bass) and Syd (lead vocals).

The band has built a complete roster of Alternative Rock songs that really transcend the boundaries set by mainstream music as they are organic and honest – their singles “lush” and “Let Down” fully illustrate this unique fingerprint.  The band has performed live at Texas Indie Fest during Austin's Music Week in 2017 & 2018, have been a spotlight performance three times on Texas Music Café, and Tough On Fridays was selected as ION Indie Magazine’s September/October ReverbNation Artist of the Month.

Their latest EP, SELF DIAGNOSIS is quickly gaining momentum and turning the heads of both fans and rogue listeners.  bFeaturing six songs that speak to the masses and translates over as pure concepts, this EP positions Tough On Fridays as professional contenders in the business of music by clearly defining their mission – to make music that’s unapologetic, carefree, trailblazing, and unmatched.

In this image-first, talent-last Millennial music culture, it is gifting to have a band such as Tough On Fridays to bridge the gap between the pure music of yesterday and the unorthodox music of today.  Fans will quickly see, and hear, that no bells or whistles are needed to reflect the talent coming from Tough On Fridays – just REAL MUSIC with passion, practicality, and heart.