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About Mission

Reelfocus Mission

ReelFocus Mission is the charitable arm of ReelFocus. It is a not-for-profit, public benevolent foundation, registered in Australia (ABN 82476210361).

ReelFocus champions artistic expression as essential to civilisation. The greatness of a community is reflected in the vibrancy and brilliance of its artistic expression - its tribute to Beauty.

ReelFocus Mission is about holding up and celebrating marginalised artists. Who are these marginalised that our donors feel called to uplift?

* Underprivileged artists of all kinds, living in remote rural, Third World or indigenous communities who are too poor to own a device, let alone upload a profile to a platform.

* Refugees, asylum seekers and the persecuted whose creative expression is a cry for justice and humanity.

* Prisoners who strive and can be taught to strive for rehabilitation and reconciliation through employing artistic media and processes. Imagine the difference a culture of music and performance, of painting and poetry, of comedy and the like can make in our prison systems.

* People, young and old with recognised disabilities and other challenges, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. It is a grave omission to overlook the artistic dimension of their lives.

* Victims of abuse or a lifestyle of bad habits - many people you might know.
For them, art can be a therapy and a journey towards wholeness.